During the Build 2014 Developer conference Microsoft announced upcoming improvements to IE 11 and its handling of HTML 5, 3D WebGL graphics, and JavaScript. Today that announcement has some great benefits to gamers on the web and mobile devices.

The updated IE 11 achieves 93% pass rate on the Khronos WebGL conformance test and they’ve got an aggressive schedule to bring that number up higher. Using Babylon.js Microsoft demoed how it is easier than ever to bring high quality assets built with tools like Blender in to the web browser. The full 3D demo’s I’ve seen had nice performance, making it possible to build your game once and run it everywhere, including phones and tablets. You can watch full session on Cutting Edge Graphics in HTML on Channel 9.

assasin's creed

Today, Microsoft and Ubisoft are announcing the Assassin’s Creed Web Experience  made possible by IE 11 and Bablyon.js. I’ve tried the game both in IE 11 and Chrome 34 and have seen similar performance on my admittedly too powerful development laptop.

Below is a behind the scenes video of the making of the game.

Source: Windows Blog