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Doguhan Uluca is a Software Development Xpert at Excella. Founder of Tech Talk DC and the DC Full-Stack Web Summit. Author Angular 6 for Enterprise-Ready Web Applications. Speaker at ng-conf and more.

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Until further notice, I'll be blogging on the Excella Blog. I generally write about Agile Engineering, GitHub, JavaScript, Angular, Node, MongoDB, TypeScript and Docker. To read my latest blogs, click here. »

Minimal MEAN

It can be daunting to pick the right stack to deliver your idea to the cloud. Without realizing, you can introduce one too many "sandbag of complexity" between you and something you can release. For the first time ever it is possible to do full-stack development with a »

You Can't Be the Master of Everything

Brian Conn gave a great talk at Tech Talk DC on Front-end development for full-stack developers. Brian highlighted the pressures on full-stack developers to keep up with fast moving front-end libraries, tools and practices and highlighted the focus on integrating software vs creating software. Brian has concrete suggestions to stay »

Best Scalable Cloud Architecture: AWS Lambda

On March 23rd, Justin Winthers, gave a presentation on AWS Lambda at the Tech Talk DC Meetup. After Justin's excellent presentation, I came away convinced that AWS Lambda is nothing short of revolutionary. Justin talked about how he leveraged AWS Lambda to build Hoozip, a real-estate app for investors. He »

WordPress vs Ghost

Tech Talk DC has migrated to Ghost. There were several factors behind this decision. While WordPress is feature-rich and has great community provided plug-ins, it is also unnecessarily complex and is slow. Bloat and Lock-in By moving Tech Talk DC to Ghost, I'll be losing some functionality, such as live »

Why Should A Developer Care About Company Politics?

My good friend Sarav Bhatia recently wrote an article on the importance of company politics in relation to the careers of technical people. It is a great read. If we care about our day to day happiness and the quality of our experiences at our jobs and the places we »

BUILD 2015 Keynote Live Blog

Highlights and key takeaways from Microsoft BUILD 2015 Keynote. Read the live blog. Live Blog /**/ **14.34** ​#bldwin #Build2015 that’s a warp with some orchestral music. Thanks @duluca @sahllt @wynv **14.27** Holographic pathfinding ![IMG_20150429_112641566]( »

The JavaScript Promise

I’ve previously written about the benefits of using full-stack JavaScript here and the Hapi LEBRON stack that I had synthesized drawing inspiration from Max Ogden’s LEBRON stack. Me and several colleagues, Kevin Groat, Alex Hoffman and Emmanuel Apau created an agile retrospective app, helping teams with remote team »

Angular 2.0 Alpha is Released at Ng-Conf 2015

Google just announced Angular 2.0 alpha, alongside new website, Fire up your shell, type in npm install angular2 and start exploring. Post your questions right below in the comments and follow @techtalkdc for more updates from ng-conf. Update: Checkout Day 1 Keynote Slides. Submit questions to be »

Web Components & Polymer

Steve Albers just gave a presentation for the Tech Talk DC meetup at Excella Offices. Here’s the link to his presentation. »