We will be hosting our second conference on Friday, June 21st, 2019 at the Burke Theater in Downtown Washington, DC.

2019 Event Details

Event Location

US Navy Memorial - Naval Heritage Center, 701 Pennsylvania Avenue NW Washington, DC 20004. Google Maps.

Tickets, Sponsorship & Call for Speakers

For more information visit our event page.

2017 Event Details

Event Page


Event Vidoes

  • Fixing the Ultimate Legacy System: You - Andy Hunt YouTube Link.
  • Reimagining a Department of Education Program - Emily Ryan & Rica Rosario YouTube Link.
  • Modernization without Customer Process Disruption - Laurie Barth YouTube Link.
  • Modernizing the Newspaper - Chris Nguyen YouTube Link.
  • Modernization Projects Don't Have to Drag - Stuart Ridgway YouTube Link.
  • Leveraging Serverless Architecture - Linda Nichols YouTube Link.
  • Explain It! - Russ Olsen YouTube Link.
  • Putting the Right Developers on the Right Projects - Andrea Goulet YouTube Link.
  • Building for the Modern Web Platform - Taras Mankovski YouTube Link.
  • DevOps from a Legacy Systems Perspective - David Bock YouTube Link.
  • Fail Faster with TypeScript - Paul Everitt YouTube Link.
  • What I Wish I Knew Before Working with Microservices - Paolo Del Mundo YouTube Link.
  • Building Enterprise User Interfaces with Angular - Terence Carrol YouTube Link.
  • Bringing Modern Technology to Old Tech Business - Emily Dresner YouTube Link.