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WordPress vs Ghost

Tech Talk DC has migrated to Ghost. There were several factors behind this decision. While WordPress is feature-rich and has great community provided plug-ins, it is also unnecessarily complex and is slow. Bloat and Lock-in By moving Tech Talk DC to Ghost, I'll be losing some functionality, such as live »

.NET Technical Guide: SignalR

SignalR is a library for ASP.NET and JavaScript that enables real-time communication between server and one or more clients, allowing web applications to behave more like desktop applications. While relatively new, SignalR is rapidly gaining adoption due to its ease of use and cross-browser compatibility. Microsoft recognizes the game-changing »

Web Components & Polymer

Steve Albers just gave a presentation for the Tech Talk DC meetup at Excella Offices. Here’s the link to his presentation. »

A Brief History of Web Apps: Backbone vs Angular vs Polymer

Kevin Groat has given a talk about Web App Frameworks to Excellians as a primer to Steve Alber’s talk on Web Components and Polymer at the Tech Talk DC meetup. The presentation is attached after the break. A write up of his talk to follow. »

First ever Tech Talk DC Meetup: Learn about Web Components & Polymer

The first ever Tech Talk DC meetup is happening on Feb 18th at Excella Consulting offices in Arlington, VA. We love polyglots, people who care about craftsmanship and best practices. Come join us and let’s learn to use tools that are fit for their purpose; let’s scrutinize the »

Configurable Angular.js Directives

*In this post I talk about how to create reusable directives in Angular.js by parameterizing possible differences into attributes*##### Introduction It’s a well established principle in programming that duplicating code should be avoided. One of the great advantages of Angular.js is that it allows you to reduce »

What I wish I learned before starting my first MEAN app

If you are a good student and follow the instructions given by the MEAN.JS project, you will go through these steps before starting your first MEAN flavored full-stack JavaScript app: 1. Read the Mongo docs 2. Read the Express docs 3. Read the Angular docs 4. Read the Node »

Great deal on Node.js E-book

Recently I’ve blogged about Node.JS learning resources and I’ve focused on picking tutorials where you can learn as you go and be exposed to the full stack implementation at the same time. If you’ve been exposed to RESTful services, JavaScript, Single Page Applications (SPA) and No-SQL »