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WordPress vs Ghost

Tech Talk DC has migrated to Ghost. There were several factors behind this decision. While WordPress is feature-rich and has great community provided plug-ins, it is also unnecessarily complex and is slow. Bloat and Lock-in By moving Tech Talk DC to Ghost, I'll be losing some functionality, such as live »

.NET Technical Guide: Reflection

Reflection is an API that allows its user to view and access all properties, fields, constructors, methods, and metadata for any class supplied to it at runtime (as opposed to compile time).  Among other things, Reflection also allows its consumer to call these methods as well as get or set »

DC Tech Meetups, round 1: NoVa Code & Coffee

There are a lot of great tech groups on based in the greater DC area. If you are a programmer or technology enthusiast, there are times where you could go to an event every night of the week. I wanted to do a series of posts where I »

Thanks for a Great 2014

Tech Talk DC wrapped up its first year with a bang. Things got kicked off with Build 2014 back in April. JavaScript Unit Testing kept visitors coming back and A Hapi LEBRON along with other JavaScript focused articles, the stage is set for 2015. When all was said and then »

Going to Build 2014

/*/ 14.34 ​#bldwin #Build2015 that’s a warp with some orchestral music. Thanks @duluca @sahllt @wynv **14.27** Holographic pathfinding ![IMG_20150429_112641566](**14.24** ​#bldwin #Build2015 Microsoft HoloLens is completely untethered. »

Deceiving Arts blog goes live

Finally, it’s great to get a blog going, amidst concerns of slow performance with the hosting company. Please feel free to comment about any technical issues, you may experience with the blog. We’ll work to get any issues ironed out. Currently, we’re working hard to get our »