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Juan learned how to program on a TI-83 calculator (thank you, Mrs. Douglass). He is currently a Java Web Developer who spends his free time learning how to program truly well and how to play guitar t

DC Tech Meetups, round 1: NoVa Code & Coffee

There are a lot of great tech groups on based in the greater DC area. If you are a programmer or technology enthusiast, there are times where you could go to an event every night of the week. I wanted to do a series of posts where I »

Configurable Angular.js Directives

*In this post I talk about how to create reusable directives in Angular.js by parameterizing possible differences into attributes*##### Introduction It’s a well established principle in programming that duplicating code should be avoided. One of the great advantages of Angular.js is that it allows you to reduce »

What I wish I learned before starting my first MEAN app

If you are a good student and follow the instructions given by the MEAN.JS project, you will go through these steps before starting your first MEAN flavored full-stack JavaScript app: 1. Read the Mongo docs 2. Read the Express docs 3. Read the Angular docs 4. Read the Node »