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.NET Technical Guide: Reflection

Reflection is an API that allows its user to view and access all properties, fields, constructors, methods, and metadata for any class supplied to it at runtime (as opposed to compile time).  Among other things, Reflection also allows its consumer to call these methods as well as get or set »

.NET Technical Guide: SignalR

SignalR is a library for ASP.NET and JavaScript that enables real-time communication between server and one or more clients, allowing web applications to behave more like desktop applications. While relatively new, SignalR is rapidly gaining adoption due to its ease of use and cross-browser compatibility. Microsoft recognizes the game-changing »

.NET Technical Guide: AutoMapper

This Technology Guide was created to help people that are just beginning to learn AutoMapper. This is the first in a series of Technology Guides covering useful technologies. If you find it useful or have any feedback, please reply in the comments! What Is AutoMapper? With the advent of layered »