Sql Server

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How To Work With Windows Authentication and Local Databases

Previously I’ve documented How To Give Machine Access To SQL Server for a frictionless or password-less development experience leveraging Windows Authentication capabilities. When I wrote that article, my development database was hosted on a remote SQL server and recently we’ve made a decision to move those development servers »

Why You Should Stop Using SQL Server Management Studio(SSMS)

As a .Net Developer, I always install SSMS on my development machine and use it quite often when I’m integrating my code with the database. However, recently I’ve noticed I’m wasting a lot of time – first waiting for SSMS to load and second to observer what Foreign »

Give Machine Access to SQL Server 2008, R2, 2012 & Up

UPDATE: See my new blog post on How to Work with Windows Authentication and Local Databases. Motivation During development giving database access to a large team of developers can become challenging. It’s a chore to setup SQL Logins and things only get more convoluted if you try to use »