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BUILD 2015 Keynote Live Blog

Highlights and key takeaways from Microsoft BUILD 2015 Keynote. Read the live blog. Live Blog /**/ **14.34** ​#bldwin #Build2015 that’s a warp with some orchestral music. Thanks @duluca @sahllt @wynv **14.27** Holographic pathfinding ![IMG_20150429_112641566]( »

Trouble with REST Across Systems: Is There a Better Way?

I’ve been writing about the benefits of moving to a RESTful architecture for awhile. REST stands for Representational State Transfer and most, if not all, web enabled applications are built on it. This kind of standardized communications stack has a lot of benefits. It reduces the friction of using »

Optimizing Web Application Performance

Web performance is often seen as esoteric, difficult, and best left to specialists. As a result, performance optimization is too often relegated to the end of the development lifecycle. Because of this oversight, poor design decisions and a lack of time to fix them lead to sites that are quite »

Modernize with .NET Part 2 Published

The second article in my Modernize with .NET series got published on DevPro. In this article I talk about how to enable your architecture to evolve with new technologies, while keeping your existing code working, Check it out: »

MVVM on the Web with .Net Technologies

My article about using MVVM on the web with .Net technologies recently got published on DevPro. They’ve featured the article on their homepage, with the following intro. Doguhan Uluca explains why he prefers the MVVM pattern to MVC, describes how MVVM helps develop lean, scalable, and securable, responsive web »