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The JavaScript Promise

I’ve previously written about the benefits of using full-stack JavaScript here and the Hapi LEBRON stack that I had synthesized drawing inspiration from Max Ogden’s LEBRON stack. Me and several colleagues, Kevin Groat, Alex Hoffman and Emmanuel Apau created an agile retrospective app, helping teams with remote team »

A Brief History of Web Apps: Backbone vs Angular vs Polymer

Kevin Groat has given a talk about Web App Frameworks to Excellians as a primer to Steve Alber’s talk on Web Components and Polymer at the Tech Talk DC meetup. The presentation is attached after the break. A write up of his talk to follow. »

Configurable Angular.js Directives

*In this post I talk about how to create reusable directives in Angular.js by parameterizing possible differences into attributes*##### Introduction It’s a well established principle in programming that duplicating code should be avoided. One of the great advantages of Angular.js is that it allows you to reduce »

What I wish I learned before starting my first MEAN app

If you are a good student and follow the instructions given by the MEAN.JS project, you will go through these steps before starting your first MEAN flavored full-stack JavaScript app: 1. Read the Mongo docs 2. Read the Express docs 3. Read the Angular docs 4. Read the Node »

A Better Way to Node and Angular: Hapi LEBRON

I’ve started learning Node attempting to utilize the MEAN stack, which utilizes MongoDB, Express, Angular and (gasp) Node. I’ve found the barrier of entry to be way to high. Express is too low level of a framework, MongoDB requires me to install a database service. At NodeConf 2014, »

Learn Node.JS and MEAN Basics Fast

It’s difficult find a good set of resources to start leaning Node.JS. Below is a collection of resources that should lend themselves to different types of learning. Whether you like to read a lot before coding, or you like to start running code as you learn. Why Node. »