Software architecture is crucial in ensuring short and long term success of your application. Short term success may mean completing the project on time and on budget. Long term success means the system is able to evolve gradually over time and is maintainable without significant effort.

Below some of our thoughts directly related to architecture.

.NET Architecture

Green road signs reading FUTURE and PAST, pointing opposite directions

Modernize Your .NET Software Development Environment

Read the first part of an article series on application development modernization by moving away from proprietary Microsoft tools to a modern, standards-based stack using HTTP REST, HTML5, Web API, and other up-to-date software development technologies.

In Part 2, I talk about how to enable your architecture to evolve with new technologies, while keeping your existing code working and how small changes in perspective can have great impact on your code.

JavaScript Front End Architecture

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MVVM and .NET: A Great Combo for Web Application Development

Learn why I prefer the MVVM pattern to MVC, how MVVM helps develop lean, scalable, and securable, responsive web applications, and an overview of tools that can assist .NET developers in building MVVM-based web apps.