Agile development is difficult. Teams can often miss their delivery goals, unsustainable pace can result in developer fatigue and technological bottlenecks can make it impossible to deliver a sane and high quality end product. When done right Agile can enable your team to deliver consistent forward flow of features in a sustainable manner. To achieve this goal you must use technologies that discourages skill silos, are easy to work with and allow for straightforward application of Agile Engineering Best Practices. JavaScript and Node.JS are the perfect set of technologies that can organically grow within your organization and existing code base utilizing a RESTful architecture. With JavaScript being the language of the web and the web, the OS of this decade, it is essential to effectively utilize these technologies to unlock the full potential of your team, allow for greater flexibility and reduce risk.

Target Audience

Developers, Testers, Scrum Masters, Product Owners, Stakeholders

Outline/Structure of your Session

  • Realities and challenges of Agile development - Tells of a team in trouble
  • Planning to get back on track with practical solutions
  • Insanely Simple Organization: One API REST Architecture - Based on my “Modernize Your .NET Software Development Environment” article series on DevPro.
  • What is REST?
  • Impacts of simplifying architecture
  • Why Node.JS? - Based on my “Node.JS Tools For Visual Studio and Azure Integration” talk.
  • Background on Node.JS
  • Reasons to use Node.JS
  • Creating Human JavaScript - Based on my “MVVM and .NET: A Great Combo for Web Application Development” article on DevPro.
  • How to create maintainable JavaScript
  • Impact of code architecture
  • Designing UX of the future
  • Skill sharing and fast delivery with the LEBRON stack - Overview of a full stack seed project (to be open sourced during the presentation)
  • Highlighting how code can work similarly on the client and the server

Learning Outcome

  • Insight into what qualities are needed in a successful Agile development team
  • Architectural benefits of working with RESTful communications stack
  • Organizational benefits of utilizing JavaScript as a full stack solution
  • Learn about Node.JS, Hapi.JS, LevelDB, Angular.JS, Gulp, Browserify and npm tools




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Insanely Simple (by Ken Segall): http://kensegall.com/insanely-simple-book/

Human JavaScript (by Henrik Joreteg): http://humanjavascript.com/


Node.JS Tools For Visual Studio and Azure Integration Talk:


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The Lebron Stack (by Max Ogden): https://webrebels.23video.com/the-lebron-stack-its-a-slam-dunk-by-max